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We are a grassroots organization that provides mutual aid and low-barrier support to the unhoused community while building solidarity in the face of institutionalized inequity


Wishlist & Community Asks

  • Bulk packs of bottled water or gallon jugs of water

  • Snacks in single-serving packages

  • Cash for food every other week: 20-25$ makes a large meal for the community

  • Small/individual first aid kits

  • Event tent

  • Tinfoil pans for meals (standard size) with lids

  • 3 to 4 person all-season tents

  • Cash & gift cards for Bangor area businesses for unhoused community members

  • Hand warmers


  • Every other Saturday, we will be gathering during our normal outreach at Camp Hope to discuss ‘Holding Change’ by adrienne maree brown.

  • Food from Portland Pie Co. will be provided, and if you need a copy of the books we’re reading, we have some extra copies available. Book Club happens every other Saturday, and anyone is welcome to join us.

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